My mom moved in three years ago and she is safe there. I’ve only eaten there a few times but it was very good. She seems to be happy with the activities. She loves bingo! I feel they are very willing to help. Her room is always nice and neat when I visit. We feel the value is good and I know my mom is safe.

Eva Ann T (Daughter)

Such a nice community, and she has independence. We looked at other places that monitored everything she did, she had to be in by ten, things like that, and this is nice because it keeps her independent but when she needs help, there is help there, so it is a nice fit for her.

Erika M (Daughter)

I’ve been here over ten years and it’s a very good community. I am very comfortable with the value. If I had to move from here I would find serious problems getting the same service for a comparable rate. I am very comfortable here, both physically and mentally. I hope to stay here as long as I am breathing in and out.

Joel S (Resident)

The staff is phenomenal, I couldn’t have asked for a better place, I couldn’t be happier. My uncle’s room is gorgeous and the community is spotless. Management is great, I can get through to the nurse any time, they’ve been extremely helpful. The staff is all wonderful, they keep an eye on him and make sure he’s the happiest he can be. They really go the extra mile to make him the best he can be, which is great. I think their activities and transportation services are wonderful, they’re always doing exercises, painting or something, they intermingle.

Lynn A (Niece)

The management is very friendly. They know everybody and are very helpful. The food is excellent, and the servers are fantastic. The activities are wonderful with a great variety. The housekeeping is wonderful and the maintenance has been superb. The community is beautiful and spotless.

Tracy G (Resident)

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