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How To Avoid Alzheimer’s With Food

A set of natural foods, including nuts and seeds, that are rich in vitamin E. The products are arranged on a teal background.

We shouldn’t wait until our senior years to start building healthy habits. Paying attention to things like diet and exercise throughout life is important. Caring for yourself with healthy living increases the chances of a healthy retirement without debilitating conditions. That being said, we know it’s typically not possible to guarantee that you won’t develop […]

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How Do You Approach an Elderly Person About Personal Hygiene?

A woman in the foreground with her back to the camera combs an elderly woman's hair.

A comfortable life is all about achieving the activities of daily living. These activities, like eating, dressing, moving, are all essential to being healthy, but one of the most important (and sometimes hardest to maintain) is personal hygiene. Personal hygiene doesn’t just affect your loved one, either—it can also affect you and even the others […]

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Talking to Your Children About Assisted Living Care

Talking about assisted living care can be incredibly difficult, and although there are many resources for children looking to start the challenging conversation with their parents, the same cannot be said for proactive parents. Rather than waiting for your children to make the decision for you, we recommend that you start the conversation early so that you […]

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