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Ways for Elderly to Engage in Social Activities

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As we grow older, it’s extremely important that we keep in touch with the people in our lives and let our friends and family know that we care. But we’re all busy, all the time. How do we make sure that our elders can stay social when life gets busier?

It’s important for seniors to engage in activities that let them socialize with the people around them. At Bentley Commons, we want our residents to feel like they’re part of a strong, caring community, and we’ve set up plenty of programs to make sure that our residents can build and develop relationships with the people around them. 

We’ve broken down different types of social activities into six groups: physical, spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional, and purposeful activities.

Keep reading to learn about the different activities seniors can do together that allow them to socialize, or schedule a tour to see for yourself!

Physical Activities

Physical activities are the best way to make sure that you’re healthy and in good shape. By exercising often, you can reduce stiffness in your joints and improve your overall health.

A big benefit to exercising is that you can do it with others, giving you time to chat while taking care of yourselves. 

Outside Activities

  • Joining a walking group
  • Going swimming 
  • Minigolf
  • Gardening — especially at a community garden!
  • Picnics with friends
  • Fishing
  • Going to a public event, like a fair or parade

Inside Activities

  • Taking a dance class. Dancing is a fun way to learn something new while getting to know the people around you.
  • Going bowling
  • Yoga or chair yoga
  • Sit-and-stretch groups
  • Walking around a museum or art gallery

There are so many ways to keep physically fit that still allow you to socialize — it’s never too late to get moving!

Spiritual Activities

It’s important to take care of your spiritual health. By going out of your way to take care of your spiritual well-being, you can have a strong impact on your mental health. But spiritual activities aren’t just for the religious — internal reflection is beneficial for everyone.

Taking care of your spiritual health can have several important benefits for your health. These activities can help you reduce stress, build your ability to concentrate, and even lower your blood pressure.

The best part is that you can do all of this while spending time with people with similar interests and values. Some group activities that help your spiritual well-being include:

  • Joining a prayer group
  • Singing hymns together
  • Attending a physical religious service
  • Group meditation sessions
  • Group yoga
  • Walking through nature
  • Art therapy sessions

All of these things can have a lasting impact on your spiritual well-being, all while giving you the chance to socialize with the people around you. 

Social Activities

Social activities are an excellent way to socialize with the people around you. There are so many different options around that it might be difficult to pick one!

Examples of social activities include:

  • Playing cards together
  • Having a coffee with someone you know
  • Going out to dinner 
  • Taking a group outing together, like going to a museum or art exhibit
  • Having a board game night with friends
  • Participating in local events

There are many different options for seniors to socialize with like-minded people. If there’s a certain cause or charity that you’re passionate about, it can help to see if they accept volunteers. Volunteering for a cause you care about is an excellent way to socialize with people that share your values and beliefs, all while letting you help however you can!

Intellectual Activities

Intellectual activities are designed to challenge your mind, expand your knowledge, and even learn new things that interest you. There are many ways you can socialize all while challenging yourself, such as:

  • Going to a trivia night
  • Joining a book group
  • Game show nights, like watching Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune with others
  • Poetry writing
  • Board game nights
  • Studying a new language
  • Learning a musical instrument
  • Taking a cooking class

These are only a few examples of intellectual activities you can do while spending time with others!

Emotional Activities

Emotional activities give you an opportunity to relax and enjoy the moment. They often involve stimulating your senses or emotions so you can cope with stress and relax!

These activities can include:

  • Getting a manicure
  • Getting a massage
  • Pet therapy sessions 
  • Musical entertainment nights, like going to a concert 
  • Movie nights
  • Visiting your friends and family, or hosting a dinner

These are all fun ways that you can enjoy the moment and relax, giving you a much-needed break.

Purposeful Activities

Purposeful activities are things that you can do that let you make a positive difference in your life, either for yourself or for others. It’s always a good idea to do these in a group — happiness multiplies when shared with others!

These activities can be small in scale, letting you do something creative. Small purposeful activities you can do are:

  • Arts and crafts night
  • Taking up a new hobby
  • Joining a cooking glass
  • Learning new skills
  • Writing kind notes for the people around you
  • Making or buying small gifts

There are larger-scale things you can do as well, such as:

  • Doing a coat drive for the homeless
  • Knitting clothes for the less fortunate
  • Donating food to an animal shelter
  • Organizing events for the community
  • Starting a campaign for a cause you believe in

How to Get Seniors to Socialize

It’s important to us at Bentley Commons that our residents have as many social opportunities as possible. Visit our website for more events, programs, and opportunities!Schedule a tour today to see for yourself what kind of activities are available for our residents!

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